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NO Deposit Casinos


If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. That maxim applies to just about every aspect of life. But what about so-called “No Deposit Casinos?” Are they really offering something for nothing—the opportunity to win real cash without putting up any money of  one’s own? Or is it just another promotional come-on that can lead to disappointment?

For a fact, the online casino industry has relied heavily on “deposit matching” as a primary form of introductory promotion. But wagering requirements and restrictions on how bonus cash can be used puts a damper on player enthusiasm. More innovative ways to induce players to sign up were needed, hence the invention of the “No Deposit Casino.”

By allowing newcomers to sign up and play without making a deposit, online casinos kill two birds with one stone. They overcome the fears of potential customers that their money will be tied up or “held hostage” until they meet certain betting criteria; they also open the door for participation by many who would otherwise be unable to play due to certain legal constraints.

What the casinos are gambling on by offering “no deposit” bonuses is that players become familiar with their games and comfortable wagering real money, even if it isn’t their own initially. Once they realize how enjoyable playing online can be, the non-depositors will become loyal and eventually add their own funds to the free accounts. This is especially true if they feel confident that they can win, and of course a predictable percentage will do just that. The No Deposit Casinos have crunched the numbers and they know exactly what’s required to make such offers work.

No Deposit Casino offers currently come in a variety of forms. Following are three of the most popular versions.

Free Cash is one of the most popular versions the player receives from £1 to £100 to bet at will. Winnings cannot be touched until all of the free cash has been gamble. The catch on most of these offers is that the enormous majority do need some sort of deposit after the free cash has been played and before any winnings can be withdrawn. The fine print should be interpreted cautiously.

Other well known version is free play the players are asked to take part in “free play” promotions, limited in duration from 15 minutes to one whole day. A set amount of bonus credits are offered in a particular Free Play or Bonus Account. Once any gambling necessities have been met, the remaining credits turn out to be Bonus Cash to be used with a Real Money account. Once more, a successive deposit may be necessary to access the bonus.

One more popular version is free spins usually, a set number of free slot spins are provided. Pretty often, the spins should be utilized on an exacting slot game that is being promoted. Certain play through necessities may apply, and progressive slot play does not add up.

Other promotions which have showed in combination with No Deposit Casinos comprise Free trustworthiness tips, Third-Party Coupon and Special Occasion Cash. As well as most of the casinos offer players a chance to practice or “sample” their games for free in the “For Fun” or “For Free” mode, which is totally risk-free, but similarly reward-free, as “play credits” have no cash value.