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Craps Betting Basics

The most basic betting option in casino game craps is betting the pass line. This bet is made by placing a chip in the area marked “pass line” and signals that you are betting on the fact that the shooter may have to roll multiple times before they hit a winner.

The first roll of a series while betting online is known as the come out roll and if the shooter makes a seven or eleven it’s declared a winner and the series is ended. If this occurs and you’ve bet on the pass line then you’re an automatic winner.
If the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve (craps), the pass line bet loses and the series is over. If any other number is rolled then these become the shooter’s points and the series continues and your initial pass line bet is left in place until either craps or seven/ eleven are rolled.

If a point number is rolled the object of the game changes and the shooter must now aim to match their point number before they roll a seven. If they don’t manage to roll their point number or a seven then nothing happens and your pass line bet remains on the table. This continues until either a point number or seven is rolled.

You become a winner with your pass line bet if the shooter rolls their point number. In contrast, if the shooter hits a seven then you lose your money and the series is ended (known as a seven out). This is often the most confusing part of the game as the seven switches from a winning number on the come out roll to a loser after a point number has been established.



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